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Options and Features

● The user can download selected images to a local system.
● Selected images can be shared via email.
● Images can be viewed in a full-screen slide show and selected or deselected as “liked” or “un-liked.”
● Products can be compared and selected in a side-by-side view with “Tried” images and selected or deselected as “liked” or “un-liked.”
● Pictures can be shared using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.
● Pictures can be deleted if they are unwanted.
● Selected images can be printed from a connected printer.
● The customer can check every “Tried” image.
● Multiple images can be selected, deselected, emailed, shared, downloaded or printed with a single click.

All of these features and options are available both for online and in-store use, giving eMirrors the versatility to be of assistance, regardless of your specific needs. With increased availability of various products, both those that are in stock and those that are not, you’ll see happier customers, increased sales and better exposure in social media.

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