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How does it Work?

Using an eMirror in your retail business is easier than you might think.  Step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Take a picture using a webcam or digital camera.  Set up this picture with the customer holding a dollar bill or credit card in front of them for a point of reference.
  • With the camera holding the same distance, have the customer turn and pose in multiple ways.  Take pictures of various poses while leaving the camera’s zoom setting the same for all photos.
  • Copy the pictures into your computer.
  • Select the products to be tried on and upload the pictures that are requested by the eMirror program.
  • Select the reference item (dollar bill or credit card) and then try the product by dragging the selected product to try it on.
  • After an item is tried on, it can be moved to the “Tried” panel.  Any item tried on can be kept in the “Tried” images panel.
  • Finalize your choices using the many features available in the “Tried” panel.

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