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eMirrorsLab Inc. provides high-quality electronic mirroring software both for online and brick-and-mortar store use.  Our mirroring software can help improve the shopping experience of your customers by reducing the time wasted searching for the right product.  eMirrors can boost sales for both online and in-store retailers.

eMirror for in Brick-and-Mortar Store

Our eMirror software can also be employed in your traditional store by use of a desktop program.  Using eMirrors in your brick-and-mortar store allows customers to experience your products more quickly and easily, giving them the option of trying brand-new products and comparing features, options and costs of many various products which may fit their needs.

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eMirror for Online Shopping

At eMirrorsLab Inc., we’ve taken great pains to create an eMirror that will integrate well with any platform and requires only a few basic steps to set up.  Using eMirrors gives the customer an accurate experience for your products, ensuring that they have a good understanding of your offerings.

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