eMirrors Lab | eMirror for in Brick-and-Mortar Stores

eMirror for in Brick-and-Mortar Stores


Our eMirror software can also be employed in your traditional store by use of a desktop program.  Using eMirrors in your brick-and-mortar store allows customers to experience your products more quickly and easily, giving them the option of trying brand-new products and comparing features, options and costs of many various products which may fit their needs.

The set-up time required for eMirrors is short and can reduce the costs associated with maintenance and per-customer associate time.  With eMirrors, the customer enjoys a shorter shopping trip and you enjoy the perks of being able to help customers more efficiently.  You may also be able to realize sales on products that you do not typically keep in stock by using an eMirror that allows your customer to make decisions based on all of their choices, instead of just those that the store has in stock physically.  The customer will appreciate the flexibility this gives them in making the best purchase for their particular needs.  The freedom and flexibility that eMirrors offer can prove to be a huge competitive edge over other retailers.