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eMirror for Online Shopping


At eMirrorsLab Inc., we’ve taken great pains to create an eMirror that will integrate well with any platform and requires only a few basic steps to set up.  Using eMirrors gives the customer an accurate experience for your products, ensuring that they have a good understanding of your offerings.  Using eMirrors improves the overall quality of online shopping for your customers, resulting in more sales, better reviews and additional advertising through satisfied customers in social media venues such as Twitter, Facebook and others.  Retailers using eMirrors often find that their total advertising costs are reduced, as well, especially on Cloud-based and more traditional data centers.


When integrated with online stores, eMirrors from eMirrorsLab, Inc. give your customers the chance to experience your products as if they were previewing the actual item in an in-store setting.  Additionally, customers having the ability to check online sources regarding your product will feel more comfortable making a purchase than would those in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, especially if they are able to see opinions from friends in their social media circles.  These same customers can also post their own experiences when trying your product with an eMirror that carries a link to your web-based store.  Employing eMirrors to give your customers this option can increase sales and web traffic by 80% from online venues and can result in further advertising via social networking word-of-mouth.  This is especially advantageous to smaller and bigger retailers who may be unable to afford to advertise in other ways.